SIMChapter -1

SIMC undoubtedly gave us a roller coaster ride in just one year, a lifetime of experiences. From being freshers to bringing and guiding in freshers, from assignments to exams, from days when you have no time to breathe to the 22 hour sleep days. Sometimes giggled, other times upset, this one year of college we can never forget.


When the last days of the 1st year arrived,

We got to remember and revive,

The one year of gaining knowledge

From this prestigious college.

SIMC gave us a bagful of happy days

The campus is majestic but seems to be a maze,

Classes here are fun, filled with activities,

They mold, check and improvise our abilities.

You’ll find some or either no textbooks

The students here have the craziest of looks,

Always you’ll see a camera on their shoulder

With the clicks of joy, we all grew older.

Classes had humans cause of the sword of attendance,

Benches is always houseful with couples in romance.

We came to the college with lots of excitement,

But everything faded with the burden of assignment!

Here you’ll find spirit of team and leadership,

Students find family in their friendship,

Climbed the mountain but have to cross the sea,

One year is done, but one more to go in SIMC.


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