The Reality of Virtual Crime


The Internet and social media have given reality to the virtual world of crime. From stalking to phishing and even murder planning, crime is having a speedy growth through the weapons like phones and laptops. The recently happened sensational murder, the matrimonial scam, the kissing prank underlines the growing cyber crime and crime cause of cyber in Pine and around the country.

Pune saw a doubling in number of digital crime in 2016 as reported by the cyber crime cell. While the number of registered cases increased from 161 in 2015 to 312 in 2016, the number of complaints received by cell saw a whopping rise, from 505 in 2014 to 2,079 in 2016. Also, the Cyber crime cell officials have recovered Rs 45 lakh after busting 22 gangs with 45 criminals, revealed the Commissioner of Police Rashmi Shukla.

Matrimonial sites which act as a match-maker in cases have led to false profiles. The fake profiles mislead women who get webbed in the false wooes by offenders. The Pune Cyber crime cell arrested 50-year-old Ravindra Kulkarni who duped 7 women out of which 5 were from Pune by false portrayal of a non-residental Indian looking out for a match. He took 15.69 lakh from a woman on some pretext and later threatened to kill her.

According to police, a bulk of the crimes involving Facebook is related to the creation of fake profiles, uploading of obscene photos or making lewd comments. The rarest of the case was recently seen when digital sharing led to a murderous rage. A software engineer from Pune murdered his wife and committed suicide, allegedly because she shared too many details of their lives on Facebook. Thirty-four-year-old Rakesh Gangurde had written a note saying he fought with his wife Sonali very frequently because of her social media posts, reports said.

YouTube Kissing prank is yet another case of Delhi which drew Cyber crime cell’s attention. Youtuber ‘Crazy Sumit’ was seen randomly kissing girls and running away in a video which became led to a hit not on YouTube but by Police.

To tackle the rise in cyber crime, the city police have increased the strength of CCC. Similarly, training of police officials at each police station has also been done. The police are also conducting seminars and awareness drives to make people literate about the “crime of the future”.

The police have further appealed to the users to avoid posting objectionable comments, photographs or articles in relation to nationalist leaders and great persons as the same may create tension and unrest in the society.

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