Jallikattu- The Game of Tame or Pain?

Jallikattu a traditional sport and thanksgiving to cattle celebrated in Tamil Nadu, brought a lot of outcry over the banning of the sport. The sport where the farmers cling onto the bull’s hump got PETA and animal rights activists against it.

The protests were fuelled by the view that the ban impinges on the cultural identity of the people that exists since 2000 BC. The ban will force the livestock keepers to abandon the raising of native livestock, which already stands threatened due to the extensive use of motor pumps, tractors and mechanised agriculture. Also, the supporters of Jallikatttu have raised the strong point of milk production that will be overpowered by the foreign dairy industry.

But amidst the various supporting arguments and protests, the protestors ignored the cruelty inflicted on bulls. Jallikattu somewhere violates the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

During Jallikattu, bulls are purposefully scared and petrified and then made to run across the crowd, destroying anything that would come in their way. The bulls are pinched, nailed, stabbed with sticks that have nails at the edges, twist the tails and much more. The ropes around their nose are painfully yanked and then they are dragged into the crowd of people who further anger the bull.

According to the documents by PETA, these bulls also break their bones in order to escape from the crowd continuously trying to torture them. Due to this sport, innumerable human lives, both of the participants and the audience, have also been lost, as the bulls try to flee from the pain. More than 200 people have died in the last two decades due to this sport.

A feudal tradition that glamourises masculinity should be checked. Causing pain to animals simply to entertain humans militates against the directive principles that call upon us to protect wildlife. Torture of animals can’t be justified in an era where man is expected to live in harmony with nature. The government and the protestors must together change the norms of the game to save both the tradition and the bulls.

Feature image source: newstodaynet.com




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