Life Ki App

Social Media has been a daily dose in today’s life. We humans have forgot to meet and greet people in the real world, but virtually we have been activated and active on our phones and apps.

Life has totally become a Social media app. Like Facebook, people will like your problems and comment on them but no one can solve them, because they are busy updating theirs. Like Twitter, people tweet about something that has happened in their life and just like gossip, its re-tweeted by others. And somewhere Snapchat has brought a mask onto our faces and filtered our real self.  

Kabhi buying clothes, kabhi shoes and even chaddis,

All time Whatsapp per texting with our buddies.

Har do minute mei check karte hai Facebook Wall,

Kabhi lagate hai London vale Bhaiya ko Skype call.

Snapchat ke filters ka hota hai alag swag,

Aur Instagram uploads per daalte hai bhaut saare #tags.

Twitter Ke tweets and Twitter ke trends,

Nothing can beat my number of Facebook friends.

LinkedIn par banate hai sab professional contacts

Aur Google baba ke paas hai duniya ke sab facts.

Youtube par videos ko karte rehte hai play

Snapchat story aur FB checking mei nhi hota koi delay

Sab kaam ke liye phone par karte hai tip-tap

Kaash jeene ke liye bhi mil jaye koi LIFE KI APP!



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